ACT-7 Series ~ 100 Channel UHF

The Full-Colour VFD Screen delivers a bright and clear viewing of the adjustable options and statuses i.e. group, channel, frequency, name, battery level, RF level, audio level, squelch level, diversity operation, RF interference warning and lock on\off. The optional MIPRO RCS.Net software allows real-time computer setup, control and monitoring of all receivers and transmitters for ease of management over large installations.

With the Automatic Channel Targeting function users can quickly and easily program a transmitter into the receiver within a few seconds. Ultra High Frequency signals operate at various frequencies from 850Mhz to 874Mhz. Output level can be adjusted to -6dBV, 0dBV or +16dBV and each mic channel uses a XLR balanced connection. The squelch adjustment acts to suppress the audio output in the absence of a very strong desired input signal.

Two transmitter options: The body-pack transmitter, which can accommodate a lapel microphone, a headset microphone or a guitar/audio cable and the handheld microphone. Both have magnesium alloy housingsand can operate at a maximum distance of 100m line of sight from the ACT-7 series receivers. Transmission range can be increased with multiple antenna signal boosting options, like the AT-90W antenna.

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