ACT-3 Series ~ 48 Channel UHF

The ACT-3 series has 4 different model receivers and 2 options for transmitters. The ACT-32T body-pack transmitter which can accommodate a lapel microphone, a headset microphone or a guitar/audio cable and the ACT-32H handheld microphone. Both transmitters can operate at a maximum distance of 100m LOS (line of sight) from the ACT-3 series receivers which can be increased with multiple antenna signal boosting options.

ACT (Automatic channel targeting) function allows users to quickly and easily program a transmitter into the receiver within a few seconds. The UHF (Ultra high frequency) signals operate at various frequencies from 851Mhz to 872Mhz. Output level can be adjusted to microphone or line level and comes with the option of a 6mm unbalanced jack connection or XLR balanced connection. The SQ (squelch) adjustment acts to suppress the audio output in the absence of a very strong desired input signal.

Another useful feature is a battery level indicator which shows the level of the batteries in the transmitter that is currently connected to the receiver. Units are externally powered by a 12-15 volts DC 0.5A power supply and are rack mountable with the optional 19″ rack mount ears kit.

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