MIPRO Wireless Tour Guide & Interpretation System

The MTG-100 is an innovative digital wireless tour guide system that is ultra compact, lightweight and easy to use.

The system comprises of the durable MTG-100R portable receiver, MTG-100Tportable transmitter and MTG-100C-12 or MTG-100C-28 storage and charger carry case. It operates in the license-free 865 & 928 MHz ISM band. Each band is preset with 16 switchable frequencies and 4 compatible systems are available ensuring several different tours or groups can be running at the same venue without interfering with each other.

Ideal Applications include: Factories, museums, tourist attractions, zoos, cruise ships, buses/vans,  school field, gardens, employee & dealers training, hotels and resorts, educational institutions, corporate meetings, seminars, theaters, governmental agencies, houses of worship, conventions and auditoriums, courtrooms, educational institutions, conferences, medical facilities.

*Available in rechargeable models or AA replaceable battery models*

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